Chimney repairs are important part in home improvement

Chimney repairs are important part in home improvement

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Everyone rely on chimney to channel smoke up and out but when the chimney’s inside or outside walls crack then it leads to serious problems. Mortar joints between stone or bricks start flaking. The main culprit behind the several issues in chimney is the freeze-thaw action of colder climates. Moisture makes it way into the masonry, damage it and any attached object made of metal and other materials. The risk of damage to the chimney increases if you are living in an old home.

Chimney Cleaning and Repair

Chimney repair goes beyond cleaning and sweeping and people responsible for chimney repair must be certified chimney contractor. The repairs under the home improvement include installation, repair, liner replacement or repair and mortar replacement. In all types of chimney cleaning, chimney sweep informs whether the damage just need a replacement or repair. A registered chimney company completes the job efficiently.

The black or brown residue of combustion that sticks to the inner parts of the chimney flue liner is highly inflammation in nature. The excessive build-up increases the chances of fire and leads to cracks in the fireproof brick, stone or clay flue liners and allows heat to reach close to wood framing and other inflammable materials in your home. All this makes it necessary to clean your chimney regularly.

Repairing Brick Chimney Cracks

If you have noticed any dampness in the any area surrounding the kitchen then it indicates the possibility of a leak in the crown of the chimney. The hairline cracks in your chimney indicates water during repetitive rainstorms. The probability of cracks is more in new construction.

Strong winds leads to cracks in the mortar and it takes sometime for mortar to reach its full strength. During this process, strong winds increases worry and this is the reason that modern builders often use gas fireplace inserts into chimney.

Another solution to prevent leaks in the bricks can be application of clear silane-siloxane water as repellant to the bricks. The water repellent permits evaporation but prevents liquid to enter the brick. If the cause of problem is with mortar then opt for mortar repair.

At the time of chimney inspection, make sure to use a herbicide to destroy plants. The presence of even roots or vines into the mortar leads to damage. So, cut them off to the root level and use a puffy knife for the plant removal. Maintenance of your chimney increases its life and helps you to enjoy the services of safe fireplace. Follow all the safety measures in case of chimney repair and hire a reputed professional for any type of repairs.

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