Types Of Wood Stove Inserts

Types Of Wood Stove Inserts

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A wood stove insert ensures that you are able to heat your home in the most cost-effective way possible. These wood stove inserts not only reduce your heating costs, they also provide your home with a beautiful design that complements your household. Are you planning of buying the inserts? Here are some of the most common inserts that you can go for:

Legacy C260

It’s one of the most expensive inserts in the market. It measure 48 inches by 33 inches and has a heating capacity of about 2,220 square feet. According to the manufacturers, it uses technology developed by NASA. Due to the technology, the inserts are the most efficient in the market.

The insert is made from heavy-gauge stainless steel which gives it an elegant, modern look.

Englander satin black insert

It’s designed for a moderately sized home. It comes with an extra-large glass door with an air mash, a blower, and a 30 inch by 42 inch fireplace back plate. The interior log space is capable of holding up to 20 inch logs. The Englander insert is very clean and efficient. According to the manufacturers, it produces 2.6 grams of emissions and 60,000 BTUs from a 1.8 cu. Ft. Firebox.

Napoleon insert

It’s E.P.A recognised and very clean. It burns only 3.7 grams per hour. It has the ability of heating up to 2,200 square feet which is one of the largest areas that an insert can heat. The insert comes with a full-view single-door design, thermostat sensor and an easy to clean firebox.

Important tips to remember

Regardless of the wood stove insert that you buy, you should ensure that it’s installed by a wood stove insert expert.

When you are lighting it, you should avoid using an accelerant such as gas or lighter fluid as this is dangerous not only to you, but also to the house.

To ensure that your insert is in good order, you should ensure that it’s cleaned and inspected by a certified wood stove insert professional. For ideal results, the inspection and cleaning should be done at least once a year.

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