Can you convert a wood fireplace to gas?

Can you convert a wood fireplace to gas?

A wood-burning fireplace isn’t always the best option for homeowners.  For some, a gas fireplace is a far better choice.  But what if your Chicago home already has a wood fireplace installed?  Is a gas fireplace conversion possible?

Completing a wood fireplace conversion to gas is a great alternative for those looking for the appeal of a fire without the upkeep.  Those choosing to convert their fireplace to gas can enjoy a low maintenance unit in as little as one day.  It is a quick and easy update that can be enjoyed for years to come.


  • A gas fireplace requires less cleaning and upkeep
  • A gas fireplace does not require you to store and haul wood to fuel the fire
  • A gas fireplace offers better air quality with less smoke and dust in the living space – perfect for those with allergies or other underlying breathing problems
  • A gas fireplace can be turned on and off with a flip of the switch making it easy to use and enjoy

What does a gas fireplace conversion entail?  Homeowners would purchase an insert that is installed inside the chimney itself.  They also need to run a gas line within ten feet of the unit.   A professional will need to be hired to complete the wood fireplace conversion so you can ensure all parts are installed to the manufacturer’s specification.

Sick and tired of keeping up with your wood fireplace?   Spring is a great time to consider converting your unit to gas.  Let the team at Lindemann is here to help!  Not only do we clean and inspect fireplaces throughout the Chicago area, we also offer gas fireplace conversion services.  In as little as one day, you could be enjoying a new, updated unit in your home!

Contact us for more information on your own gas fireplace conversion or to schedule in-home consultation!

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