When Do I Need Chimney Repointing Services?

When Do I Need Chimney Repointing Services?

What is Chimney Repointing?

chimney repointingWhen a chimney is beginning to deteriorate but the bricks are still in good condition, chimney repointing may be the best solution. Chimney repointing is when we partially grind out the mortar joints between the bricks of a chimney and fill them in again with new mortar. Since the brick is still in great shape, replacing the mortar can give a chimney new life. Some people confuse chimney repointing with chimney rebuilding. Read our blog on chimney rebuilding versus repointing to understand the difference between these two services!

Benefits of Chimney Repointing

Chimney repointing can prevent water leaks and save you the thousands that it would cost to rebuild your chimney! It will make your chimney look fresh and new while also making it stronger, safer, and more structurally stable. If repointing is a possibility for your chimney, it is certainly a beneficial route to consider.

Chimney Repointing Services in Boston, MA

Are you interested in having your chimney repointed? Boston’s Best Chimney is a full service chimney company that serves the Boston and Greater Boston area. We have over thirty years of experience in chimney repointing and more. To learn more about having your chimney repointed, click here or call (781) 893-6611.

Now, we’ll discuss some signs that your chimney may need to be repointed.

Signs That Your Chimney Needs to be Repointed


Whether large or small, a crack can allow water to enter your chimney, which will cause damage. Cracks can also threaten the structure of your chimney, no matter how small they may be. Chimney cracks may mean that your chimney needs to be repointed. We recommend scheduling an inspection if you see cracks in your chimney. This will allow our team of professionals to assess the state of your chimney and recommend the next best steps to take.

Discolored Mortar

When mortar is deteriorating or has become weathered, it may change color. If you notice that some or all of your chimney’s mortar is a different color than it used to be, this is cachimney inspection for repointing use for concern. A chimney inspector will evaluate the chimney’s bricks and mortar to determine whether or not repointing is the best response.

Flaking Mortar

Flaking occurs when pieces of mortar begin to fall off as a result of being weak and old. This means that the mortar can’t stay together anymore and that it should no longer be trusted to hold the pieces of your chimney together.

Rusty Firebox or Damper

Fireboxes and dampers often rust because of an excess in moisture. Often in these situations, water is being let into a chimney because of cracks in the mortar. If you notice rust on your firebox or damper, schedule a chimney inspection so that a professional can look further into this issue.

Damaged Wallpaper

Excess moisture in your chimney can also cause the surrounding wallpaper to be yellowed or damaged. Moisture in this type of situation may be caused by cracks in your chimney’s mortar and call for your chimney to be repointed. A chimney professional can help you to determine the direct cause of any moisture near your chimney.

At Boston’s Best Chimney, we recommend that homeowners have their chimney inspected annually, or if they suspect any issues. If you have seen any of the warning signs above in your chimney or if you think that your chimney might have other problems, click here or call (781) 893-6611 to schedule a chimney inspection.

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