Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings

Is My Chimney Cap Still There and Why Do I Need It?

Our New England weather and Nor’easters seem to be bringing high winds lately, so much so, that we have been receiving many calls about blown off chimney caps!  The chimney cap’s job is to keep moisture, debris, and animals from entering the flue. Chimney caps also provide spark prevention that helps to contain burning particles or embers, which could otherwise land on your roof and cause a fire. A properly fitted chimney cap will slow down the wear and tear on your chimney and lining, potentially saving you from large repair costs later.  It is important to check that your chimney cap is secured properly and that it is still there! It is also important to understand the need for chimney caps.

Chimney Caps Keep Out Water & Moisture

Moisture is the number one enemy of a healthy fireplace and chimney flue. Metal fireboxes, liners, and dampers can all suffer from rust and deterioration due to this commonly overlooked chimney problem. Chimney liners, flue tiles and mortar can crumble & crack, leading to serious structural damage to the chimney. A chimney cap deflects most rain and helps keep moisture out of your chimney system. Water will wear down mortar; soak into the porous bricks, causing the masonry surface to break off (known as spalling); causes deterioration of the chimney liner, chimney damper, and metal fireboxes; and more.

Chimney Caps Keep Out Animals & Debris

Blockages can cause fire hazards and smoke back, drafting into the home. Even just falling leaves can build up without a proper chimney cap in place. Chimney caps with a wire mesh surround can prevent animals’ from getting into your chimney. Raccoons, squirrels, bats, and birds are common animals that regularly attempt to make their way into chimneys that do not have a chimney cap. The problems associated with animals & debris in your chimney are not only frustrating, but they are dangerous, too. Chimney Caps also prevent bird & wildlife nesting that carries airborne fungal diseases and can cause a blockage, quickly turning into smelly hazard.  Blockages can also send smoke and toxic fumes, i.e., Carbon Monoxide drafting back into your living space instead of exiting out the top of your chimney.

Chimney Caps Offer Other Benefits

Spark guards prevent hot, burning particles from escaping out of your chimney and possibly landing on your roof or nearby flammable objects. When it’s especially windy outside, chimney caps will also prevent downdrafts by blocking the crosswinds from entering your chimney.  Some chimney tops even facilitate an improved updraft function of your chimney, keeping smoke and soot out of your living space.

Contact us today at 1-781-893-6611 if you would like to schedule a cleaning or inspection to help determine the condition of your chimney cap or if you need one!

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