Guide On How To Re-Point The Chimney

Guide On How To Re-Point The Chimney

Chimney re-pointing is the process of removing old mortar and applying a new ones. The process is necessary when your mortar joints crumble, crack or fail. The major factors that bring about the cracks are aging and exposure of the chimney to freeze-thaw weather patterns.

How to re-point the chimney

You should start by determining the type of mortar that you need for your work. There are two main types of mortar that you can go with: lime-based and Portland. If you aren’t sure of the right one to go for, you should send a small portion of the mortar to a reputable chimney contractor who will tell you the exact mix that you need. He/she will also recommend for you the right sand that you should go for.

You should remove the old mortar using a hand-held power masonry grinder. For ideal results you should set the blade to a depth of ¾ inch. You should move it along the mortar joints and begin on the damaged or loose joints.

You should remove the debris using a stiff-bristled brush and use a garden hose to wet the area that you will be working on. For the mortar to cure at the right speed you should allow the water to soak into the bricks overnight.

The following morning you should mix the mortar according to the given instructions. You should ensure that you achieve a consistency of peanut butter and should cling to the trowel. Once you achieve the consistency that you want you should let the mortar set for about 15 minutes or until it gets skin on it. You should stir it one more time and it will be ready for use.

When ready you should put the mortar on a tuck point trowel and insert it into the horizontal joints that you are repairing. You should keep adding mortar until all the joints are full. To have ideal results you should scrape the excess mortar off the brick.

For the mortar to stick you should mist the wall daily for three days. To prevent the mortar from drying too quickly you should cover it with a tarp.


These are tips on how to re-point the chimney. If you have chimney masonry skills you can go ahead and re-point your chimney; however, if you don’t have the skills you should hire the services of a chimney masonry expert to do the work for you.

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