What You Need To Know About Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

What You Need To Know About Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

Wood burning fireplace inserts are made from plate steel or cast iron. The cool thing with them is that they come with glass doors that allow you to view the fire while it’s burning. There are some inserts that sit flush with the fireplace while others protrude onto the hearth.

To increase efficiency, there are some inserts that come with built in blowers. These blowers increase efficiency by increasing circulation of heat throughout the room. You can mount the blowers at the front or sides of the insert. Depending on the model that you have bought, you can go for an insert that is manually or automatically controlled.

Factors to consider when making the purchase

There are many factors that you should consider when buying fireplace inserts. These factors include:

Amount of heat needed: the amount of heat that you need is of great importance. If you need a lot of heat you should go for a large unit. The same thing applies when you need just small amount of heat. It’s usually challenging to know the right size of wood inserts that you should go for. Heat output is usually measured in BTUs (British thermal units) per hour.

To avoid making mistakes you should work with an insert expert who will not only recommend the right size of inserts to go for, but also the right type to buy.

Venting system: the other factor that you should consider is whether you want to install a venting system. If you will install the system, you should ensure that the insert you buy is compatible with the venting system.

Design: the fireplace insert becomes part of your house once you install it; therefore, you should ensure that you install an insert that compliments the look of your home.

How to install a wood burning fireplace insert

The installation process requires expert skills; therefore, you shouldn’t attempt installing the insert if you don’t have the right skills. For ideal results you should ensure that the work is done by a qualified wood burning fireplace insert professional.

During installation you should ensure that the insert is connected to the chimney liner that runs from the stove to the top of the chimney. This is to ensure that no smoke goes up the chimney directly. Doing so also minimizes combustible deposits that end up condensing in the fireplace.

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