Why You Need a Chimney Cleaning

Why You Need a Chimney Cleaning

Having your chimney swept and inspected annually is an important measure to take if you are a homeowner. Though it can be easy to ignore what you do not see, basic chimney care is essential to keeping your home safe and your chimney in working order.

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Today we will discuss how chimney cleanings work and some of the potential consequences of ignoring this basic form of chimney care.

How Does a Chimney Sweeping Work? 

At Boston’s Best Chimney, we follow guidelines from the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fire Protection Association to perform chimney sweeps. First, we inspect the flue to determine if a chimney needs to be swept and if so, which type of brush is best to use. Creosote has several phases, so this step is important in order to see if the situation calls for a basic sweep or if more aggressive tactics are necessary. Check out our blog on the different phases of creosote to learn more. Then, we prepare the work site with a drop cloth, vacuum, and additional dust control if necessary. After that, we attach the brush to a rod and insert it past the damper area until it reaches the peak of the chimney.

Why Do You Need Chimney Cleaning? 

Check for the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

get a chimney cleaning as a part of your chimney care

Preventing carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the biggest reasons why we do what we do. Soot buildup and condensation from heating equipment creates a perfect environment for decay.  Problems arise when soot is allowed to build up inside of the chimney or deteriorating falling sections of the internal chimney system fall, creating blockages that allow fumes into vent into homes. Structural issues or animal nesting can also impact airflow, which is why it is important to have your chimney both cleaned and inspected by a professional annually.

Prevent Exposure to Creosote

Creosote buildup happens as a result of incomplete combustion or the usage of wood with a high amount of moisture. High exposure to creosote can cause several health problems including respiratory issues and eye and skin irritation. Although creosote poisoning is rare, getting your chimney swept once a year or as needed will keep creosote from building up and reduce risk.

Contact Us for your Boston Area Chimney Care Needs 

Would you like to have your chimney cleaned or inspected by a professional? As we have discussed, there are many reasons why you need a chimney cleaning and inspection each year. Click here or call (781) 893-6611 to get in touch for an appointment.

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