What Protects Your Chimney?

What Protects Your Chimney?

Your chimney is a cozy and stylish feature of your house that keeps your family warm and makes you feel cozy and secure. Have you ever thought about the importance of your chimney’s safety and security, though? There are many chimney components at work that protect it from becoming unstable or malfunctioning. This, in turn, keeps you safe from common fireplace hazards. Today, we’ll go over some of the chimney components that protect your chimney.

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Now, we’ll discuss the important components that protect your chimney.

Protective Chimney Components

Chimney Flue

Smoke and exhaust leave your home through the chimney flue, making it essential to your chimney’s safety. It is important that your chimney flue is lined to help to keep you safe when your heat is on. If your chimney cracks and you do not know it, fumes and carbon monoxide can leak out. A flue liner can help protect you from this. Be sure to have your chimney flue inspected and swept annually by professionals.

Chimney Crown

A chimney crown covers most of the chimney. It plays an essential role in keeping  your chimney system safe by protecting it from outside rain, ice, snow, and sleet. Chimney crowns also protect the chimney’s masonry.

Chimney Cap

Not to be confused with the chimney crown, the chimney cap is a small hat that covers the chimney. Its function is to keep leaves, branches, and other debris out of the chimney. It can also prevent small animals from entering your chimney. In addition, chimney caps are like spark guards, protecting your home against fires. Check out our Ultimate Chimney Cap Guide to learn more about this important component of your chimney.

family around fireplaceBricks

As the foundation of your chimney’s stack, bricks are responsible for the integrity of your chimney’s structure. If the bricks are old or deteriorated, water can seep through and mold can grow over time. Getting your chimney inspected annually gives professionals the opportunity to detect if your chimney’s bricks are in poor condition or in need of replacement. Besides having your chimney inspected by professionals, we recommend staying ahead of your fireplace and chimney maintenance in between regular cleanings and inspections.


Dampers often become damaged or worn out over time. Their role is to control airflow in and out of the chimney and they are supposed to remain closed when you are not using your chimney to avoid drafts. Being aware of the state of your damper is essential to ensuring that your fireplace and chimney are in proper working order.

Protect Your Boston Area Chimney

Taking the right steps to care for your chimney regularly will allow you to enjoy it over time without worrying about the safety of your family or the condition of your chimney. At Boston’s Best Chimney, we recommend having your chimney inspected once a year and cleaned annually or as needed. Our reputation of integrity has made us stand out in the Boston and Greater Boston, Massachusetts community since 1989. If you would like to get in touch for a chimney cleaning, inspection, or service, click here or call (781) 893-6611.

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