How Do I Know if my Chimney is Blocked?

How Do I Know if my Chimney is Blocked?

The Danger of a Blocked Chimneyhow do I know if my chimeny is blocked

The purpose of your chimney is to rid your heating appliances or fireplace of harmful byproducts of burned fuel. If a chimney is blocked and unable to perform that duty, danger ensues. A blocked chimney is a threat to your safety because it can cause harmful gases to be pushed back into your home. It can lead to chimney fires as well. Having your chimney inspected annually and swept annually or as needed can prevent chimney fires.

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How Do I Know If My Chimney is Blocked?  

Do you suspect that your chimney is blocked? If your carbon monoxide detector is issuing a warning, that is a signal that harmful fumes may be entering your home as a result of an obstructed chimney. If smoke from your fireplace is coming back into the room instead of being drawn up and out, this is another warning sign. Most boilers and furnaces vent through the chimney, so if you do not have heat or hot water, it is possible that a blocked chimney is causing the issue. Finally, if you are noticing exhaust or an odd smell when your heat is turning on, your chimney may be obstructed. It is essential to be alert when you notice these types of changes in your home and to call a chimney professional to help you solve.

how do i know if my chimney is blockedWhat Can Cause an Obstruction 

Obstructions within the flue can be caused by many different things.  There are blockages caused by external influences like an animal’s nest, sticks and debris caused by neighboring trees and construction debris (yup, we’ve found it).  There are also internal factors that cause obstructions so even if you have a cap on top you’re not necessarily in the clear.  Soot and creosote accumulation (lack of maintenance) or even falling brick or flue tile within the system can cause major issues.

Why You Should Call a Professional for Chimney Concerns 

It is best to call a professional to address your blocked chimney right away if you notice that your chimney is exhibiting any of the warning signs that we have discussed. As with most chimney issues, the sooner you have the chimney addressed, the less damage it will cause and the more money you will be able to save on repairs. Professionals will use their experience, tools, and expertise to assess the exact cause of your chimney issue. Boston’s Best Chimney is a full-service chimney company serving the Greater Boston area. If you are noticing chimney blockage warning signs, click here or call (781) 893-6611 to contact our team.

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