4 Chimney Cleaning Myths You Should Be Wary Of

4 Chimney Cleaning Myths You Should Be Wary Of

Just like any other popular topic, there are many chimney cleaning myths. You should be wary of these myths as they will derail you. Here are some of the common myths.

You don’t need chimney inspection if you aren’t using the chimney

This is completely false. Even if you haven’t been using the chimney it doesn’t mean that other factors can’t interfere with the integrity of the chimney. Birds often get into unused chimneys and build nests. The nests can block the chimney putting you at risk. The chimney can also crack even if you aren’t using it.

If you haven’t used the chimney for a while you shouldn’t light fire in it before you hire a chimney inspection contractor to inspect it. The professional should check all the areas of the chimney and clean it. The professional should also repair any bricks that might be loose or cracked.

You don’t need to inspect the chimney after installing a metal liner

While metal liners get rid of many chimney problems such as chimney leaking and many others, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t inspect the chimney. Remember that even in the presence of the metal liner creosote can build up becoming a fire hazard.

You should hire a chimney contractor at least once a year to inspect and clean the chimney.

Pine results to increased creosote deposition

If you have been reading about chimney cleaning you must have come across the above statement. Studies done by the University of Georgia have found that pine isn’t the cause of increased creosote deposition—low burning temperatures are the cause.

This means that if you burn pine at high temperatures your chimney won’t have a lot of creosote deposition. To increase the burning temperatures you should burn dry and seasoned wood. This is wood that has dried for about a year.

You don’t need fancy cleaning brushes to clean the chimney

While it’s creative to use tree branches to undertake chimney sweeping, you won’t achieve the same results as when using specialized cleaning brushes. To avoid trouble you should hire a chimney cleaning professional who will not only give your chimney a thorough sweep, but one who will also inspect and repair any faulty areas.


These are chimney cleaning myths that you should be wary of. Always hire a professional to clean the chimney and your chimney will not only last for long, you will also live with peace of mind as you will know that you are safe.

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