Why is my Chimney Turning White? The Causes of Efflorescence.

Why is my Chimney Turning White? The Causes of Efflorescence.

Is there white on the bricks of your chimney? Each Spring, we receive a large number of calls from people who are wondering why there is white on the bricks of their chimney. Many people think that it is the natural effect of an aging chimney, but want to check to make sure that it is not a sign of a larger issue.

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White staining on the bricks of a chimney is called “efflorescence.” Unfortunately, efflorescence is a symptom of a larger chimney issue. If you are seeing white staining on the bricks of your chimney, it is best to contact a professional for an inspection. Finding a team of reliable professionals is essential, so we’ve created this guide on How to Find a Chimney Service Company to help you as you search.

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Now, we’ll discuss what causes efflorescence and what to do actions you can take if your chimney has white staining.

What Causes White Staining on Chimney Bricks? white on chimney brick

Efflorescence is a white powder-like substance on the bricks of a chimney, which causes discoloration. This substance is actually a collection of minerals that forms as water passes through the bricks of the chimney and deposits them on the surface.  When the moisture being held within the brick evaporates, it leaves the minerals’ crystals on the surface of the chimney, which is the white staining that you see.

Why is Efflorescence an Issue?

Small amounts of efflorescence are not a big deal, but excess staining is a sign that your chimney has water issues. After all, water should not be able to permeate your chimney’s masonry. If the bricks of your chimney are letting in moisture, then it is a sign that your chimney has an underlying issue. There are a host of reasons why this can be happening. Some of them include:

  • Cracks in your chimney
  • A missing or damaged chimney cap (the chimney cap plays in essential role in protecting your chimney)
  • A chimney that is not well sealed
  • Age
  • Improper construction
  • And more

What to Do if There is White Staining on the Bricks of Your Chimney

Since there are many possible causes of white staining on chimneys, it is best to call a professional if you see this issue occurring. An experienced chimney company will evaluate your chimney to determine the root cause and develop a course of action to remedy. Possible solutions may include replacing missing bricks, rebuilding parts of the chimney, re-sealing the chimney, repairing or replacing the chimney cap, and more.

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