Do Gas Fireplaces Have A Flue?

Do Gas Fireplaces Have A Flue?

Many homeowners are ready for a change and oftentimes this means a fireplace makeover.  They enjoy the ambiance of a fire.  However, the annoyance of continually replenishing wood reserves, cleaning up the ash, and calling in a chimney sweep every year is too much work.

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Gas Fireplaces

An alternative to the wood-burning fireplace is a gas fireplace.   These fireplaces are clean burning and will light up at the flip of a switch.  There are lots of models to accent many different home decors.  These fireplaces are convenient and quiet and they are an excellent addition to any home.

When the subject of converting from a conventional fireplace to gas, one of the first questions is, ‘Does a gas fireplace need a flue.’

The answer to that is a little complicated.  It depends on what type of gas fireplace you purchase. There are three types of gas fireplaces on the market today.

Natural Vent Gas Fireplace

The first choice is a natural vent gas fireplace.   This fireplace option needs a flue or vent somewhere for the small amount of exhaust product to exit the home.  For homes with an existing chimney, this is a practical choice.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Another choice is a direct vent gas fireplace.  This type of fireplace creates exhaust and needs a place to vent.  It doesn’t have a fireplace/chimney, but it requires a place for the exhaust to leave the home.  The installer will have to construct a small pipe or vent leading out of the house’s interior for the exhaust exit.

Ventless Gas Fireplace

The third option is a ventless fireplace.  As the name indicates these fireplaces do not need a vent; there is no significant exhaust from the fire itself to make a vent or flue necessary.  These types of fireplaces are the ones you see built into walls of more modern homes.

Gas Fireplace Overview

All these fireplaces have codes or regional regulations a builder or installer needs to follow.

Another similarity of these gas fireplaces is they all need yearly inspections.  Some homeowners scratch their heads, wondering why.  Every fireplace vented or not requires a professional to troubleshoot or correct any problems.

Some of the problems that could exist are clogged and blocked flues or vents, obstructed burners, or burn bars.

Manufacturers recommend a yearly inspection of the fireplace and its functional components for safety and proper functions.

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