Chimney Contractor: Fireplace Tips To Consider As A New Home Owner

Chimney Contractor: Fireplace Tips To Consider As A New Home Owner

Have you just moved to a new house? Here are fireplace tips that you should consider:

Give high priority to fireplace safety

To have peace of mind that everything is in perfect order it’s recommended that you hire a chimney contractor to inspect the fireplace and fix even the most minor problem that might be there. Modern contractors are advanced in technology where they use videos to inspect the chimney lining. The video cameras come with high resolutions that enable the contractors pick even the smallest problems in the chimney.

In addition to the contractors picking the problems, they should also clean your chimney to ensure your safety.

Install a chimney cap

Most modern chimneys have chimney caps, but the older ones don’t have them. If you look up your chimney and all you can see is a round pipe or clay flue, you need to install a chimney cap. The chimney cap has many functions including:

  • Preventing rain from pouring straight into the house thus damaging the flue and causing rust on the dampers
  • Preventing unwanted critters from entering your home
  • Preventing odor from dead animals that die in the chimney. The cap also prevents odors resulting from animal droppings that are unable to escape the chimney
  • When installed with a wire mesh, the chimney functions as a spark guard where it prevents loose sparks from starting fire on your roof.

If your chimney doesn’t have the chimney cap, hire a chimney masonry repair professional to install it for you. The professional may recommend other renovations that might be necessary in keeping your chimney safe.

Fix loose chimney bricks and mortar

If you ask a good number of homeowners they will tell you that their chimneys are permanent. Due to this misconception, most homeowners rarely go up their chimneys. If you are buying an old house, your chimney is also old and you need to take a look at it. Common problems with old chimneys are: loose mortar and bricks. If this is the case with your chimney, hire a chimney repair professional to fix it for you.

During repair, also ask the professional to take a look at the chimney flashing and ensure that it hasn’t rusted. The flashing also shouldn’t let moisture seep through causing structural damage to your room.


These are chimney tips that you should put into consideration as a new home owner. For ideal results, work with a certified and experienced chimney company.

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