Chimney Company: 3 Gas Fireplace Options That You Have

Chimney Company: 3 Gas Fireplace Options That You Have

Gas fireplaces are loved by people with busy lifestyles. Unlike the traditional wood burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces are convenient, soot-free and don’t require you to haul, chop and store firewood. If you lead a busy life and would like to install a gas fireplace in your home, here are options that you can go with:

Gas fireplace inserts

If you have a traditional fireplace, gas fireplace inserts make it possible for you to upgrade the fireplace in a gas fireplace without constructing a new unit. In addition to this, the inserts have been shown to prevent heat lose in gas fireplaces. This results to your fireplace being energy efficient thus saving you plenty of money.

The inserts come in different styles such as modern, chic, traditional, contemporary and rustic. You should go with an insert that is perfect for the impression that you want to create. In addition to the units coming in different styles they also come in different sizes. To buy the right unit, take your time to measure the size of your fireplace.

Free standing gas stoves

They resemble the traditional wood stoves. In fact if you are not keen, you can mistake them for wood burning units. To give them a traditional look you have to install logs. You can buy the logs together with the gas stove or buy separately. Just like the traditional wood stoves, you have to clean them regularly. This is to prevent creosote from accumulating to worrying levels. In addition to this you also have to regularly hire a chimney company to inspect the stove and logs and ensure that they are in perfect working condition.

ZC gas fireplaces

Zero gas fireplaces are ideal if you are looking to heat a small space. They are unique in that you can place them directly against combustible materials or a few inches from the flammable materials. Since you don’t need any buffer zone, you can place them even close to your seat or bed. The units have been found to be highly efficient thus heat your home at a low cost.

They come in different styles and models. There are those made from heavy iron and other made from glass. For a great look, go for a unit that complements your home décor.


These are the options that you can go with if looking to install a gas burning fireplace. You should consult your chimney contractor and settle on the best appliance for your home.

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