Chimney Repair: 3 Common Gas Fireplace Problems And How To Fix Them

Chimney Repair: 3 Common Gas Fireplace Problems And How To Fix Them

In addition to being clean, efficient and economical, a gas fireplace also requires less attention than its wood fireplace counterpart. While the fireplace is great, it tends to develop a number of problems that include:

Soot buildup

Unlike in a wood burning fireplace where black soot buildup is a by-product of the fire burning, soot on a gas burning fireplace is an emergency issue that should be addressed immediately by a certified gas fireplace repair professional. If there is soot on the fireplace it means that logs, venting system and firebox are clogged. This results to an inefficient fireplace. A clogged gas fireplace puts your house at the risk of fire.

In addition to soot, other items such as dirt, dust and dead insects also accumulate in the burner and fireplace orifices causing it to work inefficiently. To fix the problem schedule regular gas fireplace maintenance.

Fireplace wear and tear

Any device in your home undergoes wear and tear. According to chimney contractors, a gas fireplace also undergoes wear and tear. The wear and tear is more pronounced when it undergoes periods of no use and periods of high use. Due to wear and tear, it’s common for valves and gas connections to leak. It’s also common for gas logs and gas fireplace inserts to move from their intended place. To protect your home and keep the fireplace in perfect working condition, you should hire a chimney company to inspect and fix the fireplace once a week. You can hire the company more often if you actively use your fireplace.

Fireplace venting problems

Due to the warmth in the chimney, bats, birds, raccoons and squirrels build nests in it. The nests, especially those made by squirrels can block the chimney flue resulting to huge venting problems. In addition to nests, it’s also common for birds and animals to die in the chimney putting a further strain on your venting system. Just like in the above problems, the best remedy for this problem is regularly inspection of the vent and fixation of any problem. If there is anything that causes a blockage, remove it immediately.


While a gas fireplace is great, it comes with its responsibilities. Since it uses gas, it puts your house at greater danger of fire. Studies show that neglected gas fireplaces are highly susceptible to explosions. It’s also common to have fires if there are leaks or the fireplace components are malfunctioning. As I have said above, schedule regular inspection of the fireplace. For peace of mind ensure that the inspection is done by an experienced chimney repair company.

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