3 Reasons Why You Should Install A Wood Stove Insert In Your Fireplace

3 Reasons Why You Should Install A Wood Stove Insert In Your Fireplace

A wood stove insert is a unit that you place inside your old wood burning fireplace. If you are yet to install it in your fireplace you are doing yourself a disservice as there are many benefits that come with it. Here are a few of the top reasons why you should install it your fireplace:

Increase the efficiency of your fireplace

Chimney professionals estimate that the average efficiency of most wood burning fireplaces is 5-10%. This is because plenty of the heat is lost up the chimney. Open hearth chimneys have a large firebox that allows plenty of oxygen to interact with the wood. This results to the wood burning fast thus not reaching high temperatures to heat the house adequately. Wood also burns fast than it should.

A fireplace insert reduces the size of the firebox thus slowing down the rate at which the firewood burns. This results to the wood burning at high temperatures thus heating your house adequately. The insert also prevents heat loss by insulating the fireplace. This increases the efficiency of your fireplace.

You save money that you would have spent on fireplace remodeling

Fireplace remodeling requires plenty of work and money. If you are looking to improve the look of your fireplace you don’t have to go through the trouble of hiring an expensive chimney masonry repair professional. The easiest way of going about it is installing a fireplace insert. Fireplace inserts come in different sizes and designs. There are those that  flush with the face of the fireplace, others that fit totally inside the current firebox and others that project out of the firebox.  All you need to do is find the one that looks good on your fireplace.

You reduce wood-burning emissions

If you have a wood burning fireplace you know that there are plenty of emissions that come with it. According to fireplace insert manufacturers, when you install the insert you have zero wood-burning emissions. This helps you conserve the environment.


These are a few of the top reasons why you should install a fireplace insert in your home. When making the purchase, ensure that the insert is EPA certified. This calls for you to buy from a reputable store. To reap the full benefits of the inserts, ensure that they are installed by an experienced chimney company.  After installation, regularly inspect them to ensure that they are in perfect working condition.

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