Reasons to Get Your Chimney Swept in the Summer

Reasons to Get Your Chimney Swept in the Summer

We receive many calls for chimney sweeps during the summer. Though it makes sense to have your chimney swept directly after the heating/burning season, many people get busy and find themselves in the summer before remembering to have their chimneys swept. Luckily, the summer is an excellent time to have this service performed.

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Now we’ll explain why having your chimney swept in the summer is a great idea.

when to have your chimney sweptReasons Why You Should Have Your Chimney Swept During the Summer

There is no wrong time to have your chimney swept. Along with chimney inspections, chimney sweeping is an important service to have performed to keep your chimney free and clear of creosote. There are various reasons why summer is a great time for a chimney sweep.

1. Availability of Chimney Companies

Chimney companies become very busy directly before and during the heating season. Having your chimney swept before the busy autumn and winter months will ensure that you can find a company with availability in time for the cooler weather.

2. Avoid the Holiday Season

The holidays are an expensive and busy time of year. Avoid an extra expense during a time of year when you’ll want to focus on giving to those around you by getting your chimney sweep taken care of during the summer. Besides, the last thing that you want to do between Thanksgiving and the December holidays is coordinate a chimney sweep into your busy schedule.

3. Fireplaces Can Smell During the Summer

One of the most common complaints that we hear from customers during the summer is that their chimneys smell bad. Trapped, stagnant air combined with the summer heat causes this. A chimney sweep will allow for creosote and debris to be removed, giving more draft space for smells to escape. Read more about why your fireplace may smell during the summer.

4. Prevent or Conquer Pest Issueswhen to have your chimney swept

An off season inspection and sweeping will ensure that squirrels or birds haven’t made your chimney their home. Pests will not only make your chimney loud and annoying, but their nests can also obstruct your chimney, which can quickly turn into a potentially dangerous obstruction.

5. Chimney Sweeps Are Always a Good Idea

Regular maintenance on your chimney system can prevent chimney fires caused by creosote buildup, obstructions from forming and potential carbon monoxide leaks. No matter the time of year, they are a helpful and necessary precaution. Click here for more details on what happens during a chimney sweep.

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