Should I Be Using My Fireplace During the Summer?

Should I Be Using My Fireplace During the Summer?

When you think of summer, you think of hot and humid days and the last thing that you want to be doing is curling up in front of the fireplace. The reality of New England is quite different, however. Though there are plenty of hot, sunny days between May and September, there are also many cloudy and cool days and evenings to enjoy as well.

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Now, we’ll fill you in on fireplace care during the summer.

using fireplace in the summerShould I Be Using My Fireplace in the Summer?

The short answer is, yes! As we mentioned, weather greatly varies in New England, so if there’s a cool evening when you want to feel cozy, go ahead and light up your fireplace, however there are things to look out for.

Poor Draft

A fireplace updraft is created with a temperature differential – cooler outside temperature and warm internal flue temperatures.  If the outside air is too warm, the fireplace may not draft properly.  Test the flue first by lighting newspaper and holding it in the throat area to see if the smoke goes up or back into the living space. If your fireplace is smelling during the summer, this can be related to draft issues, or simply mean that you need a chimney sweep.

Campfire Smell

September is arguably the most beautiful weather month, but watch out for those cool nights and warm days.  Having a fire on the eve of a hot humid day is usually the perfect storm for campfire odor the next day.  Sometimes even closing the damper will not help if the humidity is really high.

should i be using the fireplace in the summerCreosote Buildup

Creosote buildup is directly affected by time, temperature and turbulence.  The residence time of the smoke, at what temperature the fire is burning and the route in which it vents.  If you are not able to establish a strong draft, the tar fog can linger, creating excess creosote.

Whether you’re using your fireplace in the summer or not, your chimney should be inspected annually and swept as needed. It can be hard to find chimney companies with availability in the months leading up to winter. For that reason the summer is a perfect time to get your chimney maintenance needs taken care of.

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