Chimney Company: 4 Tips To Consider When Installing Your Chimney

Chimney Company: 4 Tips To Consider When Installing Your Chimney

If you are constructing a new house or replacing the old chimney, you need to install it properly for it to be effective and last for a long time. For ideal results, consider these tips recommended by chimney repair professionals:

Install the chimney indoors

When installing the chimney, install it inside the house. In addition to protecting it from outdoor elements, installing the chimney indoors also gets rid of the stack effect. This is an effect that prevents the chimney from having the needed draft to pull smoke up and out of your home. When you install the chimney on the outside and you stay for long without lighting fire in it, the chimney starts pulling cold, odorous air into your home.

To avoid this problem, install the chimney indoors. Air and smoke flow effectively out of the house thus keeping your house smelling fresh. This also eliminates the need for regular chimney cleaning as plenty of the smoke is eliminated.

Ensure that the chimney meets building safety codes

The chimney that you are installing should not only be able to get rid of smoke, it also should be safe. For your safety and that of your loved ones visit the government offices in your area and understand the safety codes that you should adhere to. Liners are of great importance when it comes to your unit’s safety. Consult your chimney technician and confirm the best liners that you should install in your home.

Remember to insulate your chimney

In addition to the insulation material adding to the appeal of your chimney, it also ensures that your fireplace is highly efficient. There are many insulation materials in the market that you can go for. When making the purchase, remember that different materials are ideal for different locations and different types of chimneys. To buy the right material, get the advice of a professional chimney expert.

Offer proper care to your chimney

For the chimney to last for long and maintain its efficiency you need to take proper care of it. One of the things that you need to do is hire a chimney company to undertake annual chimney inspections. During the inspection, the professionals will be able to pick the problems and fix them before they get worse. In addition to inspecting the chimney, he/she should also be able to properly undertake chimney sweeping.

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