Chimney Contractor: Ideas On How To Childproof Your Fireplace

Chimney Contractor: Ideas On How To Childproof Your Fireplace

There is plenty of information telling you how to install and take care of your fireplace but there is little information on how to baby proof your fireplace. If you have babies, you can’t supervise them the day long. To ensure their safety you need to baby proof your fireplace. To help you out, here are ideas recommended by chimney repair professionals on how to go about it:

Install a fireplace switch lock

If you have a gas or electric fireplace, you definitely have a switch that you use to put on the fire. Due to their curiosity, children can accidentally switch on these switches. There are some switches that have features that allow you to switch them off when not in use. If yours has this feature you should use it. If it doesn’t you should install a switch lock that prevents the kids from switching on the fire.

Install heat-resistant glass doors

One of the easiest ways of keeping children away from the fire and preventing hot sparks from flying into the room is by installing glass doors. Most of the doors in the market aren’t heat-resistant; therefore, they get hot over some time. This can be dangerous to the child when he/she touches it. To protect your loved ones install heat-resistant glass doors. These are units that don’t get hot even when exposed to the high temperatures. In addition to the doors also consider installing a lock or latch that prevents your child from opening and closing the doors thus putting the delicate fingers at the risk of getting pinched.

Install a fireplace screen

A fireplace screen is a unit that you place on the floor of the firebox in order to prevent the children from reaching into the fire. When installing the unit ensure that it’s firmly installed to stand on its own in such a way that it can’t tip over when pulled or leaned on by the child. Another unit that you should consider installing is a hearth gate. This is a unit that resembles a fence and surrounds the perimeter of the fireplace and hearth. While the gate keeps the child out, it allows you to easily get in and start the fire or add more wood. For stability and security, mount the gate to your walls. Also, ensure that it’s installed by an experienced chimney company.


These are ideas on how to childproof your fireplace. You should consult your chimney masonry repair professional and find out the best unit to install in your home.

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