Benefits of Annual Chimney Inspection

Benefits of Annual Chimney Inspection

The fireplace is normally one of the most beautiful parts of any home. However, the chimney is normally very difficult to maintain because it requires a lot of work. These important elements of a home are very popular nowadays. It will only add up to the beauty of your home and keep your home warm in the winter. Therefore, it is important that you pay for a chimney inspection to keep it clean and maintained. Not only that, a clean chimney means it will work efficiently and your heating system will improve.

It is your responsibility to check the condition of your chimney because you must know when to have it inspected. If you want to know the benefits of a chimney inspection, read this article until the end.

Fewer Fire Hazards

Maybe the biggest benefit of a chimney inspection is that it reduces common fire hazards, which is from the accumulation of flue creosote. This is a black flammable substance that comes from the wood-burning process and it can quickly get inside the chimney walls. It will continue to build, layer upon layer every time the fireplace is lit. In case the chimney cannot be regularly cleaned by a professional chimney cleaner. The creosote can be ignited by the burning embers that engulf the chimney in flames.

Locates Flue Lining Issues

The chimney lining is made from ceramic, refractory, or ceramic cement, and it is responsible for having combustion fireplace byproducts and ventilation. This happens to prevent parts of the chimney from producing corrosion or fires. The damage to this lining leads to poor venting and fire. The chimney inspectors will find places where the lining should be replaced.

You Can Get Rid of Unwanted Visitors

Before lighting the fireplace, you will first want to get rid of unwanted visitors. There are birds and small animals that are known to hide inside chimneys and take refuge, and they cause an obstruction in the chimney.  This is especially important in the warmer months when you are not using the fireplace. The pesky critters cause damages and other issues of maintenance to the crown, cap, and masonry. The worse thing is that this obstruction keeps dangerous fumes and smoke that lead to carbon monoxide poisoning in your home.

Looking for Problems Using Flue Dampers

You must open the flue damper if you have a fire allowing the smoke to go through the vent, and close the fireplace if you are not using it to prevent heat from escaping your home. If the damper gets damaged, it might have a hard time opening and closing, which leads to improper venting. Chimney inspectors are going to see this and they will know how to fix it.

Avoid Huge Bills

With home repairs, nobody wants to see surprises. However, that is what will happen without a yearly chimney inspection. Regardless if you use the fireplace and chimney without an issue or do not see any obvious issues in the structure or maintenance from outside, it does not mean there is no problem. Even if you have the expertise, training, and equipment, it is hard to find small problems that cause major safety issues. That is why the government recommends fireplace owners have their chimneys inspected annually. Finding and repairing chimney problems early saves you a lot of time and money.

Only Choose a Qualified Inspector

You must only hire a qualified inspector that can show you proof of their certification. Make sure to verify their insurance as well.

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