Winter Fireplace Decor Ideas

Winter Fireplace Decor Ideas

Not only does your fireplace add value to your home, but it is also an eye-catching focal point that can reflect the personality of your house. Since winter is the prime time to relax by your fireplace, we wanted to share some of our favorite winter fireplace decor ideas. These winter fireplace mantel ideas will help you to make the most of the cold winter months.

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Now, here are some great winter fireplace decor ideas to try out this season.

Vintage Winter

vintage winter fireplace decor

This inspiration is from @thevintagebreadbox. If you have a classic style home with an antique flair, then this is the perfect fireplace inspiration for you! Start by finding an old fashioned sled and some seasoned ice skates. These are items that your parents may even have tucked away in their attic. If not, then visit some thrift or antique shops near you – you’ll be surprised at what you find! Next, incorporate some garland, pine cones, and other vintage elements to come up with a compelling fireplace that reminds you of days gone by. Just remember to move them away from the fireplace opening before lighting a fire.

Winter in the Farmhouse

farmhouse winter fireplace decor

If you have a farmhouse style home, then let this beautiful design from the Worthing Court blog inspire you. This simple decor speaks of winter in a subtle way that won’t grow old after the holiday season is over. The mix of light wooden elements with evergreen branches and simple galvanized village houses will give the room a relaxed, wintry feel.

Simple and Seasonal

simple winter fireplace decor

This design idea from Modern Glam gives you permission to keep it simple! As you’re taking down your holiday decorations in the new year, keep a few, plain decorations that are wintry, rather than holiday specific. Add some garland (gold, silver, or green) and then keep a plain element in the background to center your fireplace, such as the elegant mirror pictured. This will allow you to use decor that you likely already have in a new way, and for the duration of winter.

There are endless winter fireplace decor ideas, so don’t be afraid to get creative! Use winter fireplace decor that you already have and head out to local antique shops or craft stores to find fun new elements to then come up with your own winter fireplace mantel ideas.

winter fireplace decor ideas

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