How to Choose a Kitchen Chimney

How to Choose a Kitchen Chimney

The chimney is an important part of your kitchen and it makes many things a lot easier. Getting rid of the smoke and oil residue in the kitchen becomes faster. There are many other benefits, but it only becomes possible when you choose the right kitchen chimney.

You can hire chimney cleaning services if it gets dirty and that will make the maintenance easier. You must know that not all chimneys are perfect for kitchens. It is important to know if a kitchen chimney is useful before purchasing one.

Before you go out and spend money, you should know what considerations to make before making a decision. Read this article to find out more.


Choose a chimney according to your stove and kitchen’s size. The dimensions of a chimney should be a little bigger compared to the stove size so that it can absorb the smoke effectively. The majority of chimneys come in 2 standard sizes – 60 cm and 90 cm. If you have 2 burners, you can choose the 60 cm wide chimney. The 90-cm chimney is for 3 burners.

Suction Capacity

Kitchen chimneys come in different suction capacities ranging from 700 m3/hr to 1600 m/hr. The suction power can be chosen based on your style of cooking. If you prefer less oily food, you can choose one with a suction power from 800 to 1000. Non-vegetarians should but a suction that is below 1100 in power. If you like deep-fried foods more, you should choose a suction power of more than 1200.

Mounting Style

There are 3 mounting styles that you will be able to choose from, but it depends on your kitchen’s construction and available space. The 3 kinds are island, built-in, and wall-mounted. Based on the name, wall-mounted chimneys are installed on the wall and it is ideal for kitchens where the stove is placed against the wall. The island chimney is better for modern homes where the stove is found in the middle. This one built-in kitchen is for small ones, which is compact and fixed against the wall, within the kitchen’s woodwork so that it does not consume more space.


You should not compromise your kitchen chimney’s quality. It should be made with top-quality materials so that it lasts longer, giving you the result you want. Each part inside the chimney should be made with high-quality so that you will not be disappointed if you need to use it.

Installation Kit in the Box

The majority of chimney sellers do not consider including the aluminum duct, installation, and end cap in the box and they must be bought separately. Some chimneys include in the package. You must check for these details before purchasing.


Regardless of whether you choose a ducted or ductless chimney, if you use oil a lot, the ducted hoods are a lot better. They absorb smoke, moisture, and heat better than the ductless chimney. The only disadvantage is that a ducted one should be installed where the duct pipe is can be released from the kitchen. In contrast to this, a ductless chimney does not need external pipes and it is sleeker.

After-Sales Service

Even if the product is good, bad after-sales service takes off its appeal. You should check with the manufacturer if they provide installation service in your area before ordering the product. in addition, ask about the warranty and what it covers. A company with good after-sales service is where you should buy from.

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