How to Choose a Fireplace

How to Choose a Fireplace

When you are thinking of a design scheme for your living room, you must consider the installation. A fireplace can include any interior space that has a coy feeling. During the installation, you would have to consider different factors. For instance, fireplace doors and mantels can be bought in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Aside from that, you would have to decide whether the gas logs are going to be great for your home or not.

The installation of a fireplace is an exciting project because you can have a lot of options, and you can always ask the chimney cleaning services to help you with maintenance. If you want to know how to choose a fireplace for you, read this article now.

What is its Main Purpose?

Ask yourself if it is heat-efficient, aesthetically pleasing, or if it combines both. When you communicate this information to the proper fireplace salesperson, the options you have will narrow down your selection process, and choosing becomes easier.

Environmental Impact

One of the best things to consider when you are choosing a chimney is the carbon footprint you will produce. You would want to choose a fireplace with the least environmental impact. The majority of wood fireplaces are phased out, based on the change-out program of the state. The reason behind this is that they use unsustainable fuel. Gas fireplaces will have natural gas, which is not renewable and does it cleanly. An electric fireplace will still have some impact on the environment through the usage of energy.

It Should Heat More than One Room

Attempting to save on heating costs results in an overheated room, which forces you to keep the fireplace off for most of the time. Make sure that the fireplace is an area where it can heat more than one room so there is an equal distribution of heat in all rooms.

Source of Fuel

You might want to consider the hassle and cost of your fuel source. A wood fireplace requires that you buy, stack, cut, and transport wood to get fuel. A gas fireplace requires that you must install a gas line to the fireplace’s location, which can be expensive as well. If you have an electric fireplace, you need to install an outlet that costs you the smallest amount of money and time every month. For a lot of people, that is a gas fireplace.

Research the Trim Options

After you have decided on a certain fireplace insert, ask a salesperson to go over the available trim designs. Most of the time, the brochure features options that cannot be seen in the showroom, and you will find something that seamlessly blends with the new decorating style.

Ventilation Space

Some fireplaces need a chimney or fuel system to let the carbon monoxide and combustion products safely flow out from your home. In case ventilation is not proper, the harmful contaminants will affect the indoor air quality of your home. In order to accommodate a fireplace, you might have to consider if you have space for your chimney or vent system. The bioethanol and electric fireplaces do not need additional components, so it is advisable to opt for one of the best options if your space is limited.

Do You Have Enough Time to Maintain it?

Think about the free time you have in order to care for the fireplace before you decide on which one to get. Like other fireplaces, you must remove any debris buildup and then clean it so you can have a clean and safe home environment for a fireplace.

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