Can You Repoint a Chimney During the Winter?

Can You Repoint a Chimney During the Winter?

Many of our clients contact us with the question “Can you repoint a chimney during the winter?” Today, we’ll explain what chimney repointing is, in which circumstances it is a good option, and whether or not it can be done in the winter.

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Now, we’ll discuss basic info on chimney pointing and whether or not you can repoint a chimney during the winter.

chimney repoint during the winterWhat is Chimney Pointing?

Chimney pointing renews mortar joints that are worn out by partially removing mortar and filling them back in with new mortar.

When Do You Need Your Chimney Repointed?

Oftentimes, the bricks of a chimney are in good condition but the mortar is worn out. In those cases, chimney repointing is a practical option. After repointing, our team always recommends waterproofing your chimney to protect the bricks and mortar from normal wear and tear and to help them last longer. Read our blog on signs that you need chimney masonry repair to learn more!

What is the Difference Between Chimney Pointing and Rebuilding?

Chimney repointing is a great option when a chimney’s bricks are still in good condition because it greatly improves the chimney’s appearance and fortifies its structure. In addition, it prevents additional moisture from absorbing into the bricks.

Chimney rebuilding, on the other hand, is what our team recommends when a chimney is beyond repair (usually after years without proper care). In these circumstances, a chimney’s bricks are in bad shape and the chimney is unsafe. Rebuilds range from partial to complete rebuilds, and a professional chimney company will help you assess what is necessary for your chimney.

For more information, check out our blog on the difference between chimney repointing and rebuilding.

chimney repair in cold weatherCan You Repoint Your Chimney During the Winter?

It is important to never use a chimney that is not in good condition due to the safety risks involved. Chimney companies will repoint your chimney during the winter and complete other chimney repair services if it is necessary. The use of tarps and heaters make it possible to make repairs, even in weather that is below 40º F.  It is preferable to repoint a chimney during the spring, fall, or summer however, to avoid the harsh winter weather and make the repairs go more smoothly.

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