How to Choose Chimney Bricks

How to Choose Chimney Bricks

The chimney brick is one of the most important building elements, the construction, and repair of it are incredibly difficult and expensive. Therefore, you do not have to save money during this part of the construction.

When it comes to building a chimney using bricks, it is important to carefully analyze the features of ordered materials. Solid and hollow bricks are popular for chimney construction. During a chimney inspection, you need to know which types of bricks are best if you want to have a new one built. You have to know that chimneys do not last forever, but you want one that will last a long time.

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Chimney Constructed with Solid Bricks

You must use normal-quality solid bricks. Bricks must not contain a lot of marl and it needs to have a straight and smooth side surface. Thankfully, the manufacturer should be well chosen because most of them save on solid bricks production, and that is why people tend to buy those that are not of high quality. Right now, a lot of manufacturers consider buying hollow ceramic bricks and chimney blocks as their main products.

Do Not Choose a Hollow Brick Chimney

Unfortunately, hollow bricks are normally used during chimney construction. This mistake is serious and often appears because of how ignorant investors are, especially in a contract for chimney construction with materials that are supplied by a general contractor.

The chimney’s entire length must be made using solid bricks. It is dangerous to build on top of the chimney over hollow brick roofs. When you look from the outside, the brick looks like a solid one, and a lot of investors do not realize what chimneys are made of.

The chimney execution from hollow bricks can lead to water penetration into the water, which means stormwater penetration under the roof covering and thermal insulation wetting can happen. If your entire chimney is made of hollow bricks, it can cause dampness on the wall surfaces at the chimney location.

Engineered Bricks

This type is created by the use of high temperatures. It leads to a strong and dense brick, that can withstand water absorption. Engineered bricks are best for load-bearing because it is very strong, resistant to moisture, and can withstand chemicals.

Burnt Clay Bricks

This kind of brick is made by pressing it into molds and then you fire it in a kiln. They are used for function than aesthetics. When they are used, they need plastering or rendering.

Sand Lime Bricks

Sand Lime bricks are created with sand, fly ash and lime. They are formed using a chemical process to form a brick shape. They are normally grey and not red.

Concrete Bricks

Concrete bricks have a great aesthetic appearance so they are normally used in facades and fences. Concrete bricks can be made in different colors because pigments are used in the production process.

Fly Ash Bricks

Fly ash and clay bricks are best for this kind of brick. They are 1,000 degrees Celsius. When they get water and moisture, they expand, which is something that you should consider before using.

Whatever kind of brick you choose, you are going to enjoy the strength, porosity, fire protection, and sound insulation. For chimneys, most people go for red ones because of their aesthetic appeal, but it depends on what you want.

If you have a hard time choosing which bricks to choose for better maintenance, you can always ask chimney contractors Bowie to help you make a decision.

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