3 Chimney Repairs You May Need This Spring

3 Chimney Repairs You May Need This Spring

During the cold winter months, there are some chimney repairs that are not convenient to have taken care of, and that are only completed when absolutely necessary. As the springtime comes, many homeowners take advantage of the warmer weather to do maintenance on their chimneys, however. After all, consistently maintaining your chimney with annual inspections, regular sweeps, and necessary repairs is the best way to keep your chimney in proper working order for the long run.

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chimney repairsNow, we’ll discuss three chimney repairs that you may need this spring!

Common Spring Chimney Repairs

Though our team receives many calls for different spring chimney repairs, the following are some of the most frequently needed repairs in New England.

chimney pointingPointing

When a chimney is starting to deteriorate, but the bricks still appear to be in good shape, chimney pointing may be your solution. Pointing is when the mortar joints between the bricks are partially ground out and filled back in with new mortar. The mortar in between the bricks can become soft and crumbly even though the bricks are still intact. Removing the old mortar and replacing it can add new life to the chimney, stop water leaks and save thousands in rebuilding costs.  After your chimney has been re-pointed, consider waterproofing to protect your investment.  Contact us to schedule an appointment!

chimney flashing repairsFlashing Repairs

Chimney flashing repairs are another common spring chimney repair. Chimney flashing plays a key role in keeping your home safe from water. It is located at the point where the roof and chimney meet, and it acts as a sealant to keep water from entering the chimney and roof.

After the cold and windy wintertime, flashing repairs are oftentimes necessary. Some signs that you may need chimney flashing repairs include condensation in your firebox, moisture stains on the walls near the chimney, a musty smell near your chimney, or water droplets in your chimney. Our team provides chimney flashing repair service and would be happy to assist you. Click here to contact us.

chimney rebuildingChimney Rebuilds

The winter can also take a toll on a chimney’s masonry, making springtime rebuilds necessary. Many clients ask us about the difference between chimney rebuilding and repointing. Chimney repointing suffices when the mortar between the bricks has worn away and can be reapplied to fill in the gaps. However, rebuilding is needed when the bricks are deteriorating as well.

With Boston’s Best Chimney’s chimney rebuilding service, we take down your existing structure and rebuild it after having discussed color and style options. A chimney rebuild will not only keep your chimney in working order, but it can also give your home a stylish boost! Contact us to book an estimate for a chimney rebuild.

Contact Us for Your Greater Boston, MA Area Spring Chimney Repairs

Spring is the perfect time to make sure that your chimney is working well after the long, cold winter. Call our team to discuss the repairs that your chimney needs. We look forward to assisting you!

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