Common Spring Chimney Issues

Common Spring Chimney Issues

Spring is finally here! Each year, residents of the Northeast cheer as the sun comes out, the snow melts for good and the weather begins to warm up. If you are a homeowner with a chimney, the spring can cause some challenges though.

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Now, we’ll now go over some common spring chimney issues that people run into, along with solutions.

common spring chimney issuesRain Entering Your Chimney

Even though spring usually brings with it heavy rain, it is not normal for rain to come down your chimney! Rain leaking is often caused by cracked or damaged chimney crowns, chimney lining problems, masonry absorbing water, or flashing problems (as we’ll discuss in our next point). If there is rain entering your chimney, do not worry! A team of professionals will help you identify and tackle the issue and put preventative measures in place to avoid future problems.

Leaks Due to Flashing

Oftentimes, a chimney will leak because of issues with the flashing. People will notice moisture stains on their walls or condensations in their fireboxes. All of these are signs of flashing issues due to poor installation or the age of the flashing. In these cases, we recommend having your flashing repaired or replaced. A chimney company will help you determine which course of action is necessary.

Smells Coming from Your Chimney

Smells in your chimney may be caused by a dead animal decomposing inside, or the accumulation of animal droppings. The source of the smell may not be recent, but as the weather warms up, the smell is bound to begin permeating your home. Though your chimney can begin to smell during the winter, the smells often become apparent with the onset of warmer spring weather. It is best to address spring chimney smells promptly because summer fireplace smells are even stronger due to the hotter temperatures!  

common spring chimney issuesDamaged Masonry

If your chimney’s masonry is damaged after a long, cold winter, there are many solutions that chimney companies can implement to repair or replace your chimney and fortify it for the future. Some signs that you need chimney masonry repair include mortar that is missing, bricks and mortar that are crumbling, and white “efflorescence” on the bricks. After performing masonry repairs or replacement, it is important to waterproof your chimney. The bricks of a chimney absorb water, which leads to damage. Waterproofing is a great way to protect your chimney for the future.

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If you are located in the Greater Boston, MA area, don’t hesitate to contact Boston’s Best Chimney with your chimney questions or concerns. We look forward to assisting you if you are experiencing some of these common spring chimney issues or need other chimney support!

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