Benefits of a Chimney Inspection Scan

Benefits of a Chimney Inspection Scan

If you have a fireplace in your home, then you are aware that it is important to properly maintain it with a yearly cleaning and inspection. A chimney inspection is recommended by authorities because it keeps your fireplace safe.

Chimney cleaning is important after using your fireplace so many times. This is important to the health of your chimney because it removes all the obstructions and cleans out creosote buildups. In case you keep up with your yearly inspection and cleaning, your fireplace is most likely in good shape. However, if you think that your chimney’s efficiency has an issue, you should contact the professionals right away. Meanwhile, here are the benefits of a chimney inspection scan:


Your technician cannot see what is really going on inside the chimney, and homeowners cannot really tell if there is something wrong inside. That is why you can opt for a video scan. They use a special camera that allows for high-resolution scanning that technicians will view life, keeping an eye out for cracking, warping, fire damage, and other signs of potential damage.

Your chimney shuts out dangerous gases produced by the burning fire. Problems with the interior flue liner can mean the combustion of by-products that might leak back into your living spaces. These combustion by-products, such as carbon monoxide can kill humans and animals. A chimney scan prevents the worst from happening and keeps your family safe.

Detect Chimney Liner Damage

With a real-time scanning device, homeowners and inspectors can view areas of a chimney liner that have a split or crack. Compromised liner stores creosote inside the breaks, where it serves as chimney fire fuel. Damaged liners also allow intense heat and condensation in order to contact the chimney masonry or parts of your home, which could lead to severe damage or fire.

Insurance Documentation

Everyone who has processed an insurance claim knows that they are hard to attain because of all the required documentation before the check is given for reimbursement. A chimney camera scan serves as the documentation. It is a visual proof of the damage, done by the professional chimney sweep. If your chimney got damaged by a chimney fire or another disaster, you will need a chimney scan that you can submit to the insurance company. You are going to thank yourself later since the documented proof saves you a lot of headaches of having to go back and forth with adjusters.

Check for Obstructions

In case a chimney does not have a chimney cap, different debris enters the flue and hinders the proper drafting of toxins and smoke. The small animal nests, twigs, tree leaves, and other debris are spotted in the middle of a Chim-Scan inspection and then safely get rid of it using the right techniques and tools.

Buying and Selling Your Home

You should protect yourself as a new home buyer or seller you know well, and you can do that with a video scan. If you are a seller, a chimney scan video has 2 purposes: inform you about issues that should be fixed before you can sell your act or home as a selling point to reassure potential buyers that the chimney is in good condition.

If you are a buyer, the chimney video scan works almost the same way. A video scan is going to alert you in case anything needs to be resolved before the start of fire season, therefore, protecting you and your chimney from any fire damage.

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