Why Your Chimney Needs a Cap

Why Your Chimney Needs a Cap

A chimney cap is a protective covering that can go over your chimney. Normally, they are made of steel mesh with copper and come in different styles to match the outer part of your home. On the mesh ring, there is a cap that is helpful in protecting your chimney against downdrafts and rain.

Nobody really thinks about their fireplace when it is hot outside, but everyone has to because when the cold weather starts to set in, they look for a fireplace. Some people even hire chimney sweep to have theirs checked in preparation for the cold months.

Read on to know more about why you need to install a chimney cap and how it helps you.

Saves You Money

When it becomes chilly, you will want to feel warm and bundle up. In case you do not have a chimney cap, it may be difficult to get warm. The reason behind this is that when it is windy and cold, downdrafts are affecting the temperature in your home and your energy bills will start to shoot up.

These cold gusts are uncomfortable, and they can cause ember, smoke, and ash to blow inside your house and cause damage. If there is a chimney cap, the temperature in your home will become more stable, and you will have lower energy bills.

Prevents Fires

The only fire that should be happening is the one inside your fireplace. Chimney caps can be useful for controlling the sparks and preventing any fire. There are times when a fire can throw sparks up your chimney and then out the flue. This cap will potentially catch fire on your roof, which cause terrible damage. The protection a chimney cap offers will go both ways: it is outfitted using a mesh that will keep embers wherever they are and it protects the environment from very dangerous situations.

Keeps Water Out

Moisture is the worst nightmare of any chimney. When water has an easy path inside your chimney, the problems that will rise if you do not care about it can end up costing thousands of repairs.

Your brick and mortar deteriorate faster and your damper and liner will become damaged. In addition, whenever there is water buildup inside your home, the mold and mildew growth will become greater.

A chimney cap keeps the rainwater out of the chimney which leads to a longer and healthier life for every aspect of your chimney and fireplace.

Keeps Animals Out

Sure, some critters are cute, but you would not want a raccoon or baby bird to end up in your chimney. Even if you might question whether animals would be drawn to your chimney, from which smoke gusts, dark shoots, and warm environment attract them.

When animals go into their chimney, they can become stuck and this causes extreme clogging, as well as bad odors. Installing a cap helps you prevent animals from going inside your chimney, and it saves you from the costs of cleaning.

Prevents Flue Blockage

If your gutters are cleaned out every year, you will know how much debris can land on your roof. The leaves from nearby trees, branches, twigs, and other materials will build up and lead to problems. However, that is stopping all the debris from making its way down your chimney.

Without a chimney cap, debris can build up in your chimney. When your flue is blocked, it can lead to smoke and carbon monoxide back drafting that will go inside your home.

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