What is a Chimney Flue: Your Chimney Flue Guide

What is a Chimney Flue: Your Chimney Flue Guide

If you’ve started learning about the different parts of your chimney, you’ve likely heard about the importance of the chimney flue. All of the sections of a chimney work together to make up the way that a chimney works, and the chimney flue is an important part of this system.

Now, we’ll explain what a chimney flue is and other common related questions.

chimney flueWhat is a Chimney Flue?

It is the passageway through which smoke and exhaust leave your property. It is critical to line your chimney flue to ensure proper venting. Because soot is a fire hazard, it should be inspected every year and swept by specialists as necessary.

What Does a Chimney Flue Liner Do?

A chimney liner is a lining that goes inside the chimney’s flue. A liner is made of clay, ceramic, or a metal conduit. Its job is to hold burning products and guide them outside of the chimney, while keeping the chimney walls safe from damage caused by exposure to heat and moisture.

Why is Having One Important?

Chimney flues without liners begin to fall apart and leak smoke and exhaust as time goes on. When smoke is not efficiently leaving your chimney, the risk of a chimney fire increases over time. Liners are designed to keep your flue working correctly and to keep your chimney safe overall.

When is Repair Needed?

When the passageway can no longer perform the function of carrying flue gasses up and out, it’s time for replacement. Signs your flue is in need of repair include:

  • Poor draft
  • Falling debris
  • Soot staining
  • Loss of hot water
  • Heating equipment won’t stay on

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