Should You Seal an Unused Chimney Flue?

Should You Seal an Unused Chimney Flue?

Many homeowners have chimneys that are in disrepair and that they no longer wish to use. Our team frequently receives calls from people asking, “Should you seal an unused chimney flue?” Today, we’ll address that question.

What’s Going On with Your Unused Chimney?

If you have an unused chimney with an unsealed flue, it is most likely wasting energy, whether it is leaking your home’s heat during the winter or its air conditioner during the summer. It is also an access point for debris and animals to enter into.

Should You Seal an Unused Chimney Flue?

Yes! For the reasons described above, we highly recommend sealing your unused chimney flue.

Ways to Seal Your Unused Chimney Flue

Our team takes one of the three following approaches when sealing unused chimney flue, based on the situation and our clients’ wishes:

  1. Sealing from the peak of the chimney
  2. Sealing from the base of the chimney
  3. Sealing from the fireplace using brick and mortar.

When a chimney is sealed from the peak or base, this is easily reversible, making it easier to change your mind in the future, should you later desire to use your chimney.

In cases when chimneys are sealed from the fireplace using brick and mortar, this can still be reversed, but it is more complicated. This type of project would require some demolition and a high level of precision to reverse, making this kind of sealing a larger decision.

a sealed unused chimneyAre You Interested in Sealing Your Chimney Flue?

We do not recommend undertaking this as a DIY project. A team of professionals will do the job most efficiently and effectively, without any guess work.

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