Why Your Chimney Should be Swept in the Spring or Summer

Why Your Chimney Should be Swept in the Spring or Summer

A fireplace is normally the nicest part of any home. However, fireplaces require a specific amount of maintenance. Even if winter is the best time to enjoy your fireplace, spring and summer are ideal to make sure that your fireplace is ready for the next cold season. Spring could even be a little better compared to summer for scheduling chimney cleaning and inspection since the weather temperature has not ramped up yet. Humidity and heat cause your chimney to give off an unpleasant odor in your home. There are good reasons why spring or summer cleaning is the best for chimneys.

You should know the reasons why you should choose summer or spring for a chimney sweep.

Bad Smell

Chimneys do not always smell good. There is debris build-up, which gives off a smoky smell. This smell seeps into your home, which will disturb your family and guests. It is unappealing, especially if your fireplace is near the dining room or kitchen.

After a while, the smell only worsens, especially with the heat. Luckily, if you do regular cleaning, you can clear out gunk and make your home smell great.

You Can Catch Problems Early

The fireplace and chimney problems can go from small to major – you should catch them right away. Your chimney should be inspected for any issues that you need to address. If you require repairs, you can be provided with estimation and a long-term care plan specifically for your fireplace and chimney.

Prevent Animals and Birds from Living in Your Chimney

Squirrels, birds, and small animals are normally attracted to chimneys since they give off a safe and warm place to reside in. However, those animals can cause a lot of chimney damage and create a fire hazard. When you have your chimney cleaned and inspected on a regular basis, you can prevent animals from living in your chimney.

You Can Keep Chimney Fires from Happening

The best way to keep a chimney fire from happening is to go through a chimney inspection and cleaning by a professional chimney sweeper. You must not skip chimney cleaning simply because you waited and could not get an appointment prior to lighting the first fire.


The majority of chimney cleaning services also do inspections. You will be aware if there is any chimney damage, like cracks. You need to catch any damage right away. Over time, the damage worsens. Repairs might end up costing more money. in addition, requiring extensive work done lowers the value of your home. Things that cause chimney damage are:

  • Time
  • Trauma
  • Water damage

Hair hits your chimney hard and it can create cracks. Natural destruction can happen over time. Lastly, water breaks down the chimney or freezes and expands creating damage as well. There are small cracks that can easily be fixed, but in other situations, different parts of the chimney should be replaced.

Protects Your Investment

Your home is the investment you made that provides warmth and shelter for your family in the next decades to come. However, similar to any investment, a home needs regular maintenance so it does not deteriorate. It is the same thing for your chimney and fireplace system. Preventative maintenance is normally cheaper compared to repairs.

Avoid Smoke Damage

Smoke damage completely ruins your furniture, ceilings and walls, and other items you have. Smoke causes discoloration, and the smell is almost impossible to eliminate. Regular fireplace cleaning prevents smoke damage.

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