Why Upgrade Your Chimney

Why Upgrade Your Chimney

The chimney inspection will tell you that upgrading your fireplace is something to consider whether you are building a new home or not. There are architectural details that can lay out building materials. One item people normally overlook is the fireplace. Even if a lot of new homes can feature fireplaces, a lot of people that build a new home misses the chance to upgrade their fireplace. Therefore, they will miss the chance to increase the value of their home and lower their heating bills.

Regardless if you are sitting by the fireplace roasting marshmallows for the smores or drinking a nice beverage, fireplaces can be an important investment in any home. Here are reasons why you should upgrade your fireplace:

New Heating System Installation

Fireplace stoves and inserts have several venting requirements compared to fireplaces. Most of the time, it is important to have a chimney liner installed that directly connects to the new heating appliance. You should work with a chimney and fireplace expert to make sure that you order the correct liner size and have it installed properly.

When you install a new heating system, you will surely need a chimney upgrade.

Saves You Money

You probably did not know that an outdated fireplace in your living room actually adds a lot to your monthly bill. Old fireplaces can be drafty and heat normally escapes through the chimney top. Therefore, when you think that you have saved money by keeping your fireplace the way it is. There are other ways to fix the problem as well, and not all of the options need a total renovation. You can just install a wood-burning insert or gas-set into the pre-existing fireplace that opens to get rid of the draft issue. These will add a new feature and they are highly efficient and have a better overall function, which heats larger areas compared to the traditional fireplace.

Better Efficiency

The fireplace efficiency widely varies, and when you choose a fireplace wisely, you can lower the heating bill and home carbon footprint. The traditional, open-heath fireplaces send about 90% of the heat up the chimney. Fireplace inserts, whether they are pellet, wood, or gas, can return about 99% of the fire heat in your home. That will give you the chance to heat the main living space while you turn down the thermostat for the rest of your home, which lowers home heating bills. In addition, inserts produce little smoke and soot, which improves air quality in your home and the neighborhood.

Your Chimney is Not Safe

A new chimney liner installed eliminates a couple of safety risks. Chimney liners decrease the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning because it prevents toxic gas from going into your home’s masonry. It will also decrease the risk of house fire since it creates a thick barrier between the combustible parts, high temperatures, corrosive acids, and hot embers coming from the fireplace exhaust. In case there is no chimney liner, or the liner gets damaged or does not meet the safety standards, you can invest in a new one to give protection for yourself, your home, and your loved ones.

Upgrades Home Value

About 40% of homebuyers are okay with paying a higher amount for a home that has a fireplace. You will notice that pictures are taken with the fireplace in the background. This explains why you must upgrade the fireplace when you are trying to sell your home. The value increases and potential buyers are more attracted to a house with a fireplace.

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