What to do if Your Chimney is Crumbling

What to do if Your Chimney is Crumbling

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If you see that your chimney bricks have begun to crumble and flake, then you should know that your chimney is already spalling. Which is a chimney condition more common in colder climates.

A chimney inspection and repair are one way to help prevent structural deterioration. If you see chips, cracks, or worn-out mortar, you should try getting it fixed immediately.

Small cracks will cause bigger ones that affect the structural integrity of a chimney and they can also compromise safe fireplace operation. Before you start looking for chimney repair companies, it will help you determine the important aspects of replacement and restoration.

In case you want to know what to do in case your chimney crumbles, read on.

Causes of Spalling Bricks

Several events cause bricks to start decaying like old age, water damage, house-setting, lightning strikes, house-setting, and cheap bricks and mortar.

The Danger Caused by Spalling Bricks

A crumbling chimney leads to all types of unpleasant scenarios. Normally, spalling bricks allow water into the chimney system which causes more compromise and possible chimney liner damage, adjacent and fireplace damper areas of your home like walls, beams, and ceilings.

It is common for a lot of water damage to become unnoticed until a serious safety or health risk happens. This is even more true with mold outbreaks in attics and behind walls that are normally shut. Beyond the structural damage, components, and the house, crumbling bricks can make your chimney collapse. When this occurs, roof parts and items in the yard beneath the chimney can get destroyed. People and pets can give you serious injuries when your chimney collapses.

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Crown Repair

Chimneys are normally capped using a mortar that keeps water from entering your house or building from behind the flue and bricks. Contraction cycles and normal expansion throughout the years can lead to cracks. Ignoring the issue results in a chimney damper, fireplace, and smoke damage. Replacing the mortar and applying a good elastomeric coating to seal the chimney crown will spare you from making unnecessary expenses, stress, and effort of doing major chimney crown repair. This will destroy your chimney so make sure to have it repaired in time.

Choose the Right Bricks to Place

Matching style and bricks are important if you want the chimney to look halfway decent after you are done with repairs. You should try your best to fix the mortar and try to look for bricks that look like the current ones.

Replace the Chimney Crown

If the chimney cap is badly damaged or cracked, it requires replacement. The replacement will extend the lifespan of the chimney. Aside from the visible cracks, you will also see falling flue tiles, a rusty firebox or damper, damaged interior walls, and spalling bricks are all signs that you need chimney crown replacement. It is a lot less when you compare it to fixing all problems that are caused by neglect.

Take Out the Spalled Bricks

This is when a cold chisel and club hammer should be used. The mortar around the brick must be scraped out first before the spalling brick so you can pull out everything. Use the drill if you have a hard time getting the mortar out.

Replace the Right Bricks

Style and matching bricks are important if your goal is to make your chimney look halfway decent after you have done the repairs. You must do your best to fix mortar similarly and try finding bricks that look like the ones you currently have.

You can talk to chimney contractors if you need your crumbling chimney fixed.  

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