What is a Level 2 Chimney Inspection?

What is a Level 2 Chimney Inspection?

Most chimney owners know that inspections are essential to keeping your chimney in safe, working order. Many get confused when it comes to the different levels of inspections, however. We frequently receive calls from people asking questions such as, “What is a level 2 chimney inspection” and “What are the different types of chimney inspections?” Chimney owners can opt for level I, II, or III chimney inspections. Today, we’ll dive into the details of level 2 inspections, discussing what they include and when they are needed. 

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Now, we’ll go into the details of level 2 chimney inspections. 

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What Is a Level 2 Chimney Inspection?

In a level 2 inspection, a chimney company will inspect all accessible areas of the chimney from the inside and outside, including attics, basements, and crawl spaces. In addition, they will check all accessible appliances connecting to the chimney. This is commonly done by video scanning the internal venting system. 

The inspection process is as follows:

  1. Examine the chimney and venting systems from every access point
  2. Climb onto the roof to check for any damage that might not be visible from the ground (as long as weather, roof pitch, or chimney height conditions do not make this impossible)
  3. Inspect all accessible areas such as basements, crawl spaces, and attics 
  4. Inspect the interior of the chimney using a camera

When Is a Level 2 Chimney Inspection Needed?

If you are buying or selling your home, a level 2 inspection is required and must be performed in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association standards. If this is you, be sure to check out the Chimney Safety Institute of America’s video about getting a chimney inspected in a hot real estate market

Level 2 inspections are also used when you are adding or removing connected appliances, replacing appliances with ones that have a different input rating or efficiency rating, or have just experienced damage due to a malfunction or external event. 

Do you need a level 2 inspection in the Boston, MA, area? Schedule an appointment with our team.

chimney at dawnOther Frequently Asked Chimney Inspection Questions

Some other chimney inspection questions that we often receive include the following:

How do you know If your chimney needs to be inspected?

You should have your chimney inspected annually if you are buying or selling your home or if you are having chimney issues. Click here to learn more.

What’s involved in a chimney inspection?

As we mentioned, there are three different levels of inspections: 

  • Level I inspections are completed before a chimney flue is swept or when a chimney vent appliance is replaced. These mostly involve visual inspections.
  • Level III inspections are only needed in certain circumstances. When performing a level III inspection, a chimney company will remove parts of the chimney as needed. All aspects of level I and II inspections must be completed before level III inspections can be performed. 

Read our blog for more details. 

How often do you need a chimney inspection?

If you have not had your chimney inspected in the past year, you should have it inspected. Also, if your chimney is having performance issues, if you are buying or selling your home, or if you suspect that something is wrong with your chimney, it’s time to book an inspection. Learn more about chimney inspection timelines.

Do You Need a Level 2 Inspection in the Greater Boston, MA Area?

If you live in the Greater Boston, MA, area and are in need of a level II inspection or any other inspection type, our team is here to help. Click here or call (781) 893-6611 to schedule an inspection. 


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