How a Fireplace Heat Shield Provides Benefits to Your Home

How a Fireplace Heat Shield Provides Benefits to Your Home

Fireplace heat shields in Illinois can help the home stay warmer than without a fireplace heat shield. But why install a fireplace heat shield in the first place? Many fireplaces over time develop gaps, cracks and deteriorate over time. If you use the fireplace often and have decided that getting the chimney and fireplace cleaned and inspected is unnecessary, we can tell you that smoke buildup, leaks, weakening of the chimney and fireplace…and even fires can form. How can a fireplace heat shield help? Let’s take a look.

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What is a Fireplace Heat Shield?

A fireplace heat shield is a layer of thick stainless steel against the rear firewall. The fireplace heat shield allows the smoke to go up the chimney and out of the home and heat reflected back into your home.

Is It Worth the Investment?

A fireplace heat shield prolongs the use and protects the current fireplace and chimney. If left unattended, then deterioration continues. Ultimately, the chimney will need to be rebuilt. Rebuilding the firebox will be far more expensive than using a heatshield. If you end up having smoke damage because the smoke from the fireplace was unable to go up and out of the home, repairs will ultimately need to be made as well. With a sweep and inspection of the chimney and fireplace by a certified technician, these issues can be identified and repaired so you don’t end up with a much larger bill to pay.

Benefits of a Fireplace Heat Shield

Let’s take a look at a few advantages of a fireplace heat shield. If the certified technician recommends a fireplace heat shield, this is what you can expect:

  • 20% to 40% increase in heat entering your home. A wonderful benefit on energy savings.
  • Prevent chimney rebuilds by preserving and maintaining the mortar and firebricks.
  • It makes it looks better! No more stains, it will look clean and fresh.
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