As the weather gets colder, don’t forget about your fireplace!

As the weather gets colder, don’t forget about your fireplace!

Have you thought about renovating your hearth?

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As we approach the holidays, colder weather, and more home time, we turn to our fireplaces for warmth, ambience, and a gathering spot for family.

Sitting around the cozy warmth of a crackling fire has been something human beings have done for hundreds of thousands of years. Years ago, man used fire to provide light and heat, keep predators at bay, and cook food. Some research suggests that humans would not have evolved into what they are today without fire.

Still, for many of us, being near the warmth of a fireplace feels familiar and inviting; this may be why so many people have opted to have a fireplace in their homes. Additionally, because of the timelessness of a fireplace, many homeowners are choosing to give their older hearths a face-lift by renovating this important space. If you are on the fence about whether to update your existing fireplace, here are five helpful attributes to consider:


It cannot be denied that there is something beautiful and tranquil about a fireplace, especially today, with so many styles and sizes to select from when considering updating your current fireplace. Today, real, or veneer fireplaces range in appearance and texture from the classic elegance of a brick-and-mortar design to the more contemporary and ornate arrangement. In short, there is a design for every taste and every home.

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Better still, there is a fireplace design for almost every budget. Today many fireplace owners choose to go with veneer or ledger panels when remodeling their fireplaces. With veneer paneling, you get the quality and appearance of masonry at a much less expense. Moreover, a veneer fireplace can be installed more quickly than building a new fireplace. Depending on the size of your project, you can be sitting in front of your beautiful new fireplace within days.

A Preferred Amenity

According to a survey created by the National Association of Home Builders, they ranked a fireplace among one of the top three amenities people look for when purchasing a new home. This could also mean that it might be easier for you to sell your home if you have an updated fireplace. If you are considering selling your home at some point in the future, now is an excellent time to update your existing fireplace with a more modern and organic-looking design. Plus, ledger panels are often made from recycled materials making them eco-friendly!

Improving an Additional Heat and Light Source

How often has the power gone out during frigid weather, and you found yourself longing for the warmth of the fireplace you stopped using for some long-forgotten reason? When used properly, a fireplace can provide warmth and light until the power comes back on. You may not miss the power so much after some time in front of a cozy fire. Now might be a great time to get that fireplace back into working order and its former glory with some beautiful updating.

Transform Your Home

Do you love your living room’s natural light and decor but feel like it needs just a little something extra to make it perfect? Do you spend much time in your home office and wish it didn’t feel so much like an office? Then updating your fireplace may be just the thing. You can dramatically change the tone and appearance of any room simply by updating the fireplace.

You may even spend less money with fireplace options now on the market. Many homeowners choose to go with manufactured paneling or a fireplace veneer when designing or updating their fireplace because of the cost savings and the nearly limitless choices available.

If updating your fireplace sounds like the right option for your home, remember there are many directions you can go in nowadays.

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