When Was Your Last Chimney Inspection?

When Was Your Last Chimney Inspection?

Why You Need One Now

The time to have the chimney inspection is usually thought of as either at the end of use or the start of the fireplace season. Or you may think that you don’t need a chimney inspection because you’re not using your fireplace.  

The truth is, that even if you’re not using your fireplace, you’re still likely using your chimney to vent your heating system. The heating system vent typically runs parallel to the fireplace flue and carries the flue gases up and out. Here are things you can look for and we can find in the inspection: 

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Chimney Inspections Can:

Prevent the Risk of Carbon Monoxide

We all likely know the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, but did you know that an obstructed chimney flue can lead to the inadvertent release of harmful gases and toxins, further resulting in an intrusion of carbon monoxide? 

inside view of chimney inspection

Diagnose Problems Your Chimney is Facing 

Whether it be flue damage, cracks in the masonry, leaks, or deteriorating brickwork, having your chimney inspected regularly can combat these issues and prevent the need for expensive repairs and further damage to your home. 

Allow for Better Home Heating

A clean chimney will inevitably allow for better home heating. When your chimney is properly swept, it removes that overabundance of creosote and other debris allowing for optimal flow. A clear passageway means better efficiency, and thus, less money to heat your home during the winter months.

Stay on top of your maintenance! We highly recommend getting your Chimney Inspection scheduled now, avoiding potential operation outages when you need it most.

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