How to Keep Birds Out of Your Chimney

How to Keep Birds Out of Your Chimney

The simplest way to keep birds away is to put a chimney cap. It is basically covering the top of your chimney.

It is going to prevent animals from going inside your home, but it will keep water from entering. Needless to say, there is no need to worry about rain damaging the walls and ceilings of the interiors.

The chimney repair will advise you not to install it yourself, especially if you are a beginner. It is always advisable to hire a professional. You might have to pay a bit more, but it will save you a lot of headaches. You can read on to know more about how to keep birds out of your chimney.

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Install a Top Cover or Chimney Cap

The thing is – birds inside chimneys are something you should not be dealing with. The good news is you can prevent the issue by installing a chimney cap.

When there are no birds in your chimney, you will have better ventilation, which reduces fire hazards and creates a safer environment for any home. A chimney is going to block birds, as well as other animals from building their nests and blocking your chimney.

Chimney caps will:

  1. Stop the rain from going inside your flue
  2. Hot ember protection
  3. Prevents other animals, aside from birds, like raccoons and squirrels
  4. Reduces the possibility of a chimney fire
  5. Aesthetically pleasing to any chimney top

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You Should Also Determine if the Bird is Only Visiting

There are times when birds become a bit curious and they decide to explore chimneys. The unfortunate thing is that they panic when they realize that they have a hard time getting out.

In case the bird is in your chimney and not the fireplace, you should open the chimney damper. Then, place a large box with the side up open facing the fireplace and then prop it up. This way, the bird has no room to escape into your room. Dim the lights and quietly wait until the bird goes into the box. In case it does, slide the cardboard sheet gently on the box opening, then take it outside, and release it.

How to Stop the Birds from Coming Down Your Chimney

The simplest way to keep birds from falling down your chimney is to use a cowl. There are different versions of chimney cowls.

If the chimney has an unusual construction, you will be offered a bespoke solution to birdproof the chimney. All the solutions will keep birds from being able to enter your chimney.

Regular Chimney Sweep

Regular chimney sweeps and inspections are important when it comes to protecting the home from fire hazards and health issues. Cleaning up all the bird droppings from growing and accumulating fungus takes out the possibility of an airborne disease that enters your home. As well as removing debris brought by birds, to eliminate blockages that can cause a fire or CO poisoning.

Bird Spikes

Another way to keep birds from building nests in the chimney is to keep bird spikes around the chimney to bird-proof the chimney. This will keep them from finding their way inside the chimney flue and starting nesting.

You can Relocate the Animal or Bird

Your chimney might look like the best place to raise your family. If you hear chirps from your chimney, you might have to just wait. Many birds leave the nest about two weeks after hatching, so you need to monitor the sound levels. You can take action after at least a week of hearing the chirp.

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